[For TD beginners] I will become a no-key frame animator

4 min readMar 7, 2022


Animation with Touchdesigner

Suddenly, I have a question!

I want to animate with Touchdesigner! What is the first node that comes to mind when you think of

That’s right! Animation COMP , right?
(Sorry if you think I’m wrong.)

You can hit keyframes and animate as you like………………….


What are you complaining about, miwa maroon!
Some of you may be thinking
Isn’t Animation COMP handy! That’s all you need!
I mean…
Yes, but it’s a real-time rendering application.

Don’t you want to hit keyframes?

So, this time, the guy who doesn’t want to hit keyframes with Touchdesigner makes a nice animation!
This is the installment of the “What’s New” series!

What we will make this time

The trees are getting bigger and bigger from the left side of the screen.
Touchdesigner makes it easy to create animations like this!

Let’s do it!


Again, we have prepared a tutorial that explains everything, so please click here!

In fact, in the video before this one, we also explained the Sprinkle SOP for randomly scattering trees.
If you haven’t seen it yet, click here!




That’s all I want to explain this time!
You can use it when you don’t want to type keyframes by hand.
Phaser CHOP.

It is especially useful when you want to animate a large number of instanced objects, as in this case!

Phaser CHOP What is it?

Each sample is animated from 0 -> 1 while being shifted.

No, I don’t understand!
I’m sure that’s what you’re saying, so let’s have a look at it!

When you become proficient in using Phaser CHOP, you will be able to
You can do this and more.

You will be able to do this!

Incidentally, it seems that Phase CHOP was originally developed by a genius touchdesigner user, and it was officially adopted as CHOP~!
Click here to see the performance at that time.

Parameter Description


You can change the slope of the values interpolating 0 ~ 1

Num Samples

This is the number of samples. As it is

Output format

Simply put, whether to output as a sample or
Output as a channel.



I guess we can separate them according to their uses!

input0 Time

The animation time can be controlled.
The default is a ramp of 4 second cycles of LFO.

input1 Reset

Replaces the channel to be output with the input CHOP.
It might be fun to try different things.

input2 Phase

It replaces Edge in the parameter.
Now that we’re here…
Just pass the Phaser channel to the instancing scale!
Oh, that’s so easy!

Apply to the instancing original SCALE

If you learn Phaser, you will be able to

I am a no-key frame animator!
(There is no such job title.)

Here’s the project file for this one!
If you find it useful, I would be very much encouraged if you would like to like it!




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